The Surnames I'm Searching

In no particular order ;).  If you are searching any of these names, I'd love to connect!

Pye, Winne, Rabe, Eben, Kess, Boehl, McMillian, McMillan, McMillen, Burhe, Arends, Lewis, Webber, Dunbar, Parsons, Rode, Geibert, Reuschel, Beatty, Luetkenmeyer, Wagner, Lampe, Bickel, Steffner, Siebrasse, Ellermeyer, Klusemeyer, Klusman, Petrings, Taylor, Goodwin, Harrel, Howard, Simmons, Hampton, Webb, Geer

More to come!


I started my genealogy hobby when I was about 10 years old.   In my parent's basement, was a letter they had received from my great grandfather.  It contained a hand written copy of the the family genealogy that he had begun to compile in the last decade of his life.  I would find out, many years later, that it was actually my great grandMOTHER's research...but I digress!
When given the chance, I would 'research' my family tree.  But, when you are in high school and early college (and before the advent of the internet...YES, I am THAT old, lol), I didn't really know what that meant.  I did what I could with what I had and what I understood.
I went to a few cemeteries and a couple of little towns to learn about my family's past.  I bought a computer software program, and joined some message boards.
When I got married, I continued my researching.  My husband once asked me, how far are you going to research your family?  My answer?  I will research them to their boats…